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  Bryson's 4th Birthday at Jumping Fun
We had the best time at Bryson's birthday party watching all the kids run around at Jumping Fun. A lot of Bryson's new school friends were there so it was fun to see him interact with all of them. Deborah sent everybody home with the cutest party favors. Of course the invitation was personally made by Deborah and was as creative as ever!

Click on the pictures below to see a larger view in a slideshow format.
Mike's mom, Dora with her new digital camera. Carole and Cathy Sisterly love: Carole, Cathy, and Chris Ummmm, donuts... Mike and his dad, Jack.
Carole's cutie, Christopher. The birthday boy, Bryson! Bryson and his school buddy.
Christopher flying down the slide! The Paparazzi coming... Deborah and Carole, best buds.
Christopher, Zachary, Jessica, and Bryson.  All the boys are helping little Jessica.  :-) This is just too funny. Zachary and Jessica Chris's cute little girl.
Brad and Jessica. Deborah and Jessica. Brad, Deborah, and Jessica
Brad, Deborah, and Jessica Brad, Deborah, and Jessica Sweet little David with his mom, Cathy, and his aunts. Sweet little David with his mom, Cathy, and his aunts. Chandler looking tall and cute.
Room full of fun. Chandler and his mom, Irene. Mike, his sister Deborah, Jessica, and his mom, Dora.
Deborah and Jessica, Lana, Irene and Chandler One of the dads, Brad, and his brother, Doug. Deborah motioning to Brad to take pictures.  She probably snapped her fingers before doing this.  heh heh!
Bryson coming down the slide! Little Jessica sliding.
Deborah and Jessica Deborah and Jessica Little David being shy.
So cute. Cute little David. Aunt Carole and nephew, David.
Chandler flying down. Lana's favorite little nephew, Bryson. Mike and his dad, Jack. The owners of this place were so strict about not having food or drinks, and poor little Bryson was asking everybody where the water was before Brad was finally about to get this one to him.  All that playing made him thirsty!
Trouble. Two tall brothers, Brad and Doug. Dora, as Vana White, showing off the party favors that Deborah put together.
Betty, Brad and Doug's tall, pretty mom.  ;-) Jessica loves the slide!
This is the back 'ladder' of the big wide slide.
Jessica looks like a little chipmunk here.
Doug and Irene Doug, Chandler, and Irene Bryson's so funny.  He just walked over and perched himself on the end of that bench.  He was sitting there quietly observing the little girls inside the jumping house to the right there. Doug thought he'd sit down and see what Bryson was up to.
We laughed so hard at Bryson, because after Doug asked him something, Bryson did his hand like this kind of shrugging him off.  I took some more pictures of them two sitting there talking because Bryson is so verbal with his hands.  ;-)  Funny, funny boy. still talking away, explaining something. ... always with his hands.
Doug's telling Deborah about Bryson's little hand motions. Mom laughs at her funny son.
Jessica, our little tom boy, is having a blast. What a cutie. Carole and David again.
It was the cutest thing to watch little Jessica work so hard to climb up to the slide.  Look at that flexibility!  ;-) almost there!
there she goes!
Mike's gonna get Bryson! Bryson kept tugging on my leg saying, 'C'monnnn Laaannna' in his sweet little voice.
Lana and Bryson.
Cameron went crazy when he saw all of this!!!  He was soooo excited. Cameron Kernan! .... looking much like Andy!
Kim Kernan having as much fun as the kids!
Happy Cameron! The whole family's goin' in the tunnel!  Andy, Chance, Kim, and Cameron (in the tunnel). Andy and little Chance.
Chance and Daddy. Chance and Daddy. So cute! Such a tough little man!
The look on Chance's face cracks me up here.  He doesn't even look old enough to be walking around.
Sweet baby. Chandler's goin' up. Here is another one of Jessica's journeys to the top.  This time she's a little more worn out.  Mom had to step in and help her the last little step of the way.  ;-)
She might be getting a little over ambitious!  Look at her skipping the bottom step. She's going to rethink this a bit. There's that bottom step.
textbook climbing going on now.
I think her little legs and arms are getting tired now. Mommmm!!!!! Sweet Christopher's going to make sure Jessica's ok.  First she's gotta get that hair out of her eyes.
... and it was worth the effort!!! The Kernan Crew goin' to eat some cake! Mike and Lana
Betty and Irene
Somebody's pooped.
Proud Daddy. Irene striking a pose. Irene striking a pose. Irene striking a pose.
Chandler on a sugar high.
Dora and Betty hanging out.
Dora, Betty, and Irene.
Betty and Irene Betty and Irene Bryson and Tio
Tickle, tickle, tickle!
Bryson's girlfriend.  ;-)
The Kernan men.
Jessica and Grandma
I had just asked Jessica if she had fun, and in her little tiny voice, she said, 'Daaaahhhhhh' (her version of yes).
Mom and her babies.
The Kernans: Andy, Cameron, Chance, and Kim!  

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